The NSW Free Flight Society Inc.
The New South Wales Free Flight Society Inc (NSWFFS) is the state body for free flight in NSW The society has approximately 250 members.
The Club's flying field is located at Richmond on turf farms off Bensons Lane.
You can usually find members flying their models on most Friday & Sunday mornings.
Guests are welcome to fly at the field.
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for What happened to AIRBORNE.

for pictures from Wings over West Wyalong.

for details about Kit Scale.

for Pictures from Richmond Christmas Party.

for Photos from the Scale Rally 2017 at Richmond 1st July.

for results from Richmond Scale Rally 1st July 2017.

for Glen Crouch's photos from Richmond Scale Rally 2nd July 2016.

for Malcolm Campbell's photos from Richmond Scale Rally 2nd July 2016.

for results from Richmond Scale Rally 2nd July 2016.

Roy Summersby also won the North American Cup 2016. He beat Artem Babenko from Ukraine by 151 seconds. Congratulations Roy

for 2016 North American Cup results.

Roy Summersby won the KIWI World Cup 2016. He beat Artem Babenko from Ukraine by 19 seconds. Congratulations Roy

for 2016 KIWI World Cup results.

for news about the 69th NATIONALS.

for details of weekend at West Wyalong.

for photos from Mongolian Free Flight World Champs.

for 2015 World Championship results.

for Glen Crouch's photos from Richmond Scale Rally 4th July 2015.

Roy Summersby won the 2013 F1C World Championships. He beat the current World Champion Eugene Verbitsky by 126 seconds after 4 fly-offs. Congratulations Roy

for pictures from the 2013 Free Flight World Championships.

for more photos.

details of the Free Flight World Championships in France.

This is a Power Point presentation by Per Findahl about preparing for a World Championship.

A lot of his plans were published in Aeromodeller & Model Aircraft magazines in the 50s.

Ray Malmstrom’s catalogue.

The roof of the house at West Wyalong needs repairs.

One of the big assets at West Wyalong is the house. As well as being a focal point for both social activities and for competition activity, it is producing good dollars to our general funds.

But it needs repairs.

Provided by CoolFundraisingIdeas.netLast updated 16/11/2017

Donations so far

$7189.00 from Big Kevs Kits

$1000.00 from Brian Alcocks Family

$1020.00 from Roy Summersby

$100.00 from Tom Tobin

$522.00 from Peter & Gail Scott

$844.00 from Terry Bond

$100.00 from Di Hanna

$100.00 from Peter Greenhill

$25.00 from M Simpson

$200.00 from Lynn & Reg Towell

$305.00 from Gary Pope

$100.00 from Leigh Morgan

$400.00 from Vin Morgan

$100.00 from Albert Fathers

$540.00 from John Corby

$155.00 from Shane McDonald

$235.00 from Shannon Tolmie

$250.00 from VFFS

$100.00 from Ted Burfien

$2000.00 from Anon

$500.00 from AFFS

$500.00 from Craig Hemsworth

$1000.00 from Gary Goodwin

$20.00 from Peter Jackson

$164.00 from Norm Young

$10.00 from Walter Bolliger

$350.00 from Stan Hinds

$100.00 from BFFS

$10.00 from Geoff Potter

$335.00 from Tahn Stowe

$400.00 from Jim Christie

$4386.00 from Adrian Bryant

$10.00 from Geoff Mee

$100.00 from Malcolm Campbell

$150.00 from Percy Wright

$20.00 from Joan McIntyre

$179.00 from Graham Frost

Total in the RRF at 13th December $26,287.00

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The Jo & Adrian Bryant Free Flight Field at West Wyalong

Hello All, Following discussions with regard to use of the WW field it was decided to establish a "Friends of West Wyalong" register. If you are a member of the NSWFFS then you are automatically a "Friend" in that you can fly on WW whenever you like (with prior notification to NSWFFS). If you have a current MAAA membership card and are not registered through the NSWFFS, you can become a "Friend" by paying $30/year (July 1 - June 30) and be issued with a card to that effect. In this way NSWFFS can defray some of the costs of operating WW and ensure that those using the field have contributed. A sample card is shown below. Money orders or Cheques made out to NSWFFS can be sent to the Secretary: Roy Summersby, 132 The Esplanade UMINA NSW 2257. Your numbered card will be sent to you by return post.

If you wish to fly at West Wyalong and stay overnight please contact Roy Summersby by text or phone 0413588720. Please state how many in the group, how long you will be staying and your AUS number, or Friends of West Wyalong number.

Field directions to West Wyalong.

Address is 1390 Clear Ridge Road.

At the southern end of Wyalong or the northern end of West Wyalong find the road called Clear Ridge Rd. Driving in from the north it is opposite a Landmark store, the store is on the left, Clear Ridge Rd is on the right. If you see the Country Roads motel or the Cameo Motel you missed the road, go back about 200 meters. Once on Clear Ridge Rd drive 13.90kms, about 10 minutes, the gate is on the right hand side we should have a sign up for you. Follow the drive to the club house. The house is not visible from the road.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Invitation to join the NSW Free Flight Society Inc.

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Latest weather from BOM

NSWFFS Committee

NSWFFS Committee.

Contest & Fixture Calendar

2019 Contest Calendar

Recent Contests

Contest Report Richmond 21st May 2017

Contest Report 12th March - P30 & Combined Vintage

Scale Rally Results

Click here for photos from the Scale Rally at Richmond 6th & 7th July 2013.

Results of Scramble

Southern Cross Cup Results


If you wish to visit the MAAA page please click here.

MAAA Newsletter

Read the new MAAA "Wingspan"

Other results

Association Meetings

The next meeting of the NSWFFS Inc. will be a General Meeting. This will be on Friday the 19th July 2019 at the Dundas Sports Club.

The meeting will commence at 7.30pm.


Clubs registered with NSWFFS Inc.

Model Aviation Club (Sport) Inc.

Mr Ken Richards

Doonside MFC

Mr Bruce Hoffmann

Southern Cross MAC

Mr Barry Lee


Mullimbimby MFC

Mr Henry Clarke

Rebel Flying Club

Mr Peter Murray

Click here to visit Rebels Page

Port Stephens Model Aircraft Club

Mr Neil Cameron

Coogee/Bronte Aero Technicians Society

Mr Tahn Stowe

Sapphire Model Flying Club

Mr Fred Bliefnick

New England MAC

Mr Hutton Oddy

Bathurst Model Aircraft Club Inc.

Mr Ed Pinder

Milton Ulladulla MAC

Mr Andrew Carstens

Perryfield R/C Model Aircraft Club

Mr Graham Goodworth

Rossmore Electric Fliers Inc.

Mr Graham Frost

Archived Photos

Members Photo Gallery

Combined % & No Doc Scale May 27th 2007

Scale Rally May 15th 2007

1/2hr Campbell Scramble March 25th 2007

Indoor Competition February 2nd 2007

Roy Summersby's Twin Pusher (Incl. video)

Richmond January 28th 2007

Richmond January 14th 2007

Richmond December 17th 2006

Richmond November 26th 2006

Richmond 8th October 2006

Richmond 24th September 2006

Murray Bridge 10th September 2006

Richmond 27th August 2006

Richmond 13th August 2006

Richmond 28th May 2006

Muswellbrook Veterans Gathering 20-21st May 2006

Recent Photos from Richmond 2006

Richmond 26th March 2006

Richmond 12th March 2006

Richmond 26th February 2006

Richmond 12th February 2006

Richmond 6th November 2005

Richmond 23rd October 2005

Richmond 25th September 2005

Richmond 1st May 2005

Click here for Photos from the Oily Hand Diesel Day at Cowra..

Click here for Photos from the Scale Rally 2017 at Richmond 1st July .

Plans & Magazines

Adrian Bryant

has been collecting Australian Free Flight Plans for some time now. A web page has been created where they can be displayed for all to see. Click here to go to the page. To contact Adrian Click here.

The New South Wales Free Flight Society Plans Album
There are 2 new plans on the page,thanks to Sergio Montes. They are the models that won the World Championships in 1954 and 1958 for Australia.

Aeromodelling Trail Blazers
There is a new Trail Blazers Page which hopefully will show models that have changed the course of aeromodelling over the years. If you have plans of any such models and you would like them on the page please send me a copy and some details of the plane and designer.

John Moody has scanned a lot of old magazines and made them available for downloading. Click here to go to the page. Thanks John.

If you are looking for a plan for a new model, go to Outerzone and search by name or designer or kit manufacturer.

Here is the August 2016 issue of Australian Model News. Thanks go to John Lamont for this magazine.

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Check out the web page for this club in Bergamo, Italy. It is a very interesting site.

Mike Woodhouse
Check out the Mike Woodhouse web page for his catalogue of goodies.

If you build F1A, F1B or F1C check out W-Hobby. They have a good range of specialised goods for competition Free Flight.

Al Lidberg's Model Plans Service

Scott Cannon's Model Airplane Page

NFFS - National Free Flight Society