New South Wales Free Flight Society Inc.

Contest & Fixture Calendar

Most Fridays (weather permitting) from 6am until around 11am there are flyers trimming and flying at the field. If you're bored, retired or unemployed, feel free to come on out, have a look and a chat. Remember to bring your camera, a hat and sunscreen!

Date Event Venue Time Contest Director
8th September Scale Rally, P30 & Vintage Rubber Richmond 7:00am - 1:00pm Chris Dudley
20th September Annual General Meeting Harris Park 7:30 pm
29th September State Champs F1G,H,J Richmond 7.00am - 1.00pm Roy Summersby
13th October Diesel Duration Richmond Tahn Stowe
20th October State Champs, Combined Vintage, 1/2 Hour Scramble, BBQ Lunch Richmond 7:00am – 1:00pm Gary Pope
10th November Combined %, Multiple entries Richmond 7.00am - 1.00pm Roy Summersby
15th November General Meeting Harris Park 7:30 pm
17th November Mills Trophy Scramble Illawarra
1st December F1G, H J,(Combined) Richmond 7:00am – 1:00pm Gary Pope
15th December ½ Hour Scramble, Combined Vintage with SAMS + Fun Fly. BBQ Xmas Lunch Richmond 7:00am – 1:00pm
Note: All scrambles start as close to 8:00am as possible

Notes & Rules

Mentor Days.

In another attempt to improve participation we ask that those that do come out and fly invite, encourage or otherwise drag someone else along on these days to join in . Such some ones could be a lapsed modeller, a tyro, the kid next door or that person who expressed an interest in what you do . The catch is that you have to provide a model that you are willing to let them fly. Who knows we could get some former free flighters back flying or some new blood, either way we all win. This idea of course holds true for all our flying days however we have designated a few throughout the year as reminders.

Combined Mini Vintage including Keil Kraft CSA

Models are to meet current rules for Free Flight Vintage, with the following over-riding limits.

Rubber Models - Max span 86cm, unlimited rubber.

Gliders - Max towline length 75 metres.

Power Models - Diesel engines of .76cc max capacity, Max engine run 15seconds.

For all models - Max individual flight times for 3 flights = 120 seconds.

Keil Kraft Competitor, Senator & Ajax are eligible for this event

Catapult Glider

Rubber must be no more than a 9 inch loop of 1/4 flat rubber, attached to a handle with a maximum length of 9 inches.

Diesel Duration

*Any diesel motor manufactured prior to 1970.

*Any plan or kit published prior to 1970 maybe used. This may be modified in any way, but outline and dimensions must be as original. Structure can be modified to improve anti-warping.

*Any timer and control system can be used, (i.e.: VIT, Auto Rudder etc.) but not radio.

*Engine run - over 1cc 15sec., 3min. max., 5 flights. 1cc & under, 20sec., 3 min. max., 5 flights.

Precision Power is an event for any model with motors up to 1.5cc (.09ci). Lowest score wins. Model should be semi scale sports type (cabin, cockpit, u/c), Cardinal, Tomboy - No fuel timers or cut outs - no D/T to terminate flight for score i.e. D/T flight discounted.

C/D nominates the target time on the day of competition.

Scramble is for any model with motor sizes up to 1.9cc (.11ci). Events are flown for either half an hour or a full hour. In a 1hour scramble you are allowed to have a helper who can retrieve the model for you. The idea of a scramble is to get as much time in the air as possible. Any flights under 15 seconds are not counted and on any flights over 2 minutes only 120 seconds are counted. At the end of the 30 or 60 minutes all watches are stopped regardless of where the model is. Flight times are totalled and the winner is the flyer with the highest score.

Campbell Scramble

Rules are exactly the same as ordinary scramble except there is No Running & No Runners permitted.


Models must have been published prior to January 1960.

No Schneurle or PDP ported engines allowed.

The only controls allowed are mechanical engine cut-off & dethermalizer. No in-flight rudder and/or tailplane alterations allowed.

Engine run to be 10 seconds for Glow & 12 seconds for Diesel

The total flight time is recorded and becomes the score for the round.

Scaling up or down is allowed but the original outline, wing section and construction system to be preserved. (i.e.): The use of carbon fibre, fibreglass or foam in the construction is not allowed unless the original design used such materials.

The number of rounds to be decided by the Contest Director.

Models may be hand launched.

Entry fee for events at Richmond will be $2.00 per event. State Championship events at Richmond are $5.00.

All models must be flown from the designated line or area as directed by the Contest Director.

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